"Russian workers shall not make it alone"

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Sep 22 09:22:23 MDT 2003

Some weeks ago, I had an exchange on this list where many outraged
Marxists from Western Europe and Australia yelled that I had no right
to tell anyone to "shut up" when confronting a concrete struggle by a
concrete people in the semicolonial world.

Have been re-reading E.H.Carr's _Bolshevik revolution_ in the
meantime. And discovered what should perhaps be my last answer to
those critics. Here it goes.

"Without the direct state support of the European proletariat the
working class of Russia will not be able to maintain itself in power
and convert its temporary supremacy into a lasting socialist

This was written in 1917, on a pamphlet published in Berlin under the
title "The perspectives of the Russian Revolution".  Trotsky was the

Less than ten years later, while the Western European working class
left that call -and many others, in what would painfully be a long
series of similar events- unattended, the "lasting socialist
dictatorship" was replaced with a "lasting bureaucratic
dictatorship".  Of course, the Russian workers and people were blamed
for it (their backwardness, and so on...).  But it is one thing that
a Russian revolutionary such as Trotsky stresses these things, and an
entirely different thing when done by, say, an English Marxist.

In fact, the Soviet Union managed to somehow survive and traversed
terrible experiences under permanent attack and harassment from the
"civilized' world. But the truth in Trotsky's words (which conveyed
the common belief of _every_ socialist in Russia, 1917) became a
material reality in our times.

The Russian workers alone could not make it alone. They did a lot
more than could have been expected. But in the end, they have been
crushed. The Vanderveldes of our days laugh at the outcome.

But I, for one, place the main responsibility on this outcome on the
shoulders of those Vanderveldes and their support, which is none than
the Western European working class.

And every time some "great pundit" steps on stage in order to harass
or attack an imperfect but at least forward-looking movement outside
the Gilded Region of the World, I remember Trotsky's words in 1917.

We are all still waiting for you, comrades. In the meantime, be

We cannot do it alone. But we have to do it alone. It is your fault.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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