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El Lunes 22 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 18:34,
Jurriaan Bendien dijo sobre Not fade away que:

> For the record, I have never denied the unquestionable progressive
> achievements of Soviet planned economy, anymore than I deny that if
> Israelis turn the desert into an olive grove etc. that this is
> progressive

The price to be paid for turning "the desert into an olive grove" is 
the historic execution of the Palestinian people, and the financial 
support of the imperialist nations and bourgeoisies to the olive 
planters. There is nothing progressive in that.

The two situations cannot be compared at all, Jurriaan.

OTOH, there is more bombast than reality in the history of "making 
the desert bloom". I should know, because many (if not most) of the 
kibbutzim that developed the "march to the South" in Israel were made 
up of Latin American, particularly Argentinean, migrants. There are 
kibbutzim of Argentinean origin all the way from Beersheva to 
Ashqelon. Other nationalities, usually, were granted greener 

But back to the issue: the area was not exactly a _desert_. And where 
it _was_ a desert, the kibbutzim had to turn to other activities, for 
example "drip irrigation" ("riego por goteo" in Spanish, don't know 
good translation into English), which was invented in Hatzerim by an 
Israeli Jew of Argentinean origin (more pointedly, from Tucumán). 
Hatzerim had been "endowed" with barren lands in the Northern edge of 
the Neggev. There was no way to produce a sizable crop out of that 
terrain, thus they turned to factory work.

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