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The book by Sayers and Kahn "The Great Conspiracy Against Russia" written in
1946 has 80 pkus pages of incriminating evidence against the Trotskyite group
and should be considered by all who want to make an informed decision.

B Pauling <


Your question is valid but it opens a can of worms that probably needs to
remain closed. We did the last printing in America of Sayers and Kahn "The Great
Conspiracy Against Russia" in the late 1970s, when we were running
"Proletariat Publishers." I always thought it was a wonderful book, brilliantly written.

There are several political traditions on Marxline with a healthy does of
what one would call Trotskyism, according to the various writers in that
tradition. This is not my tradition on any level, but it does not inhibit me from
fighting for a certain understanding and political alignment. A principled base of
unity can only be based on a common assessment of ones history and the
political logic that defines that history.

My personal political opinion is that what we need in America today is a
rough version of the old League of Revolutionary Black Workers as a league form of
organizations, that embraces everyone around one general line of advance:
"victory to the workers in the current struggle." Any political group formed on
the basis of ideology comes to no good in America.

The Internet makes it possible to "externalize" theory debates to a degree.
The only way a common body of literature for our class can emerge and be
effective is if thousands of us agree that "victory to the workers in the current
struggle" is a political line that can advance and enhance the fighting capacity
of our workers.

There is no reason - in my opinion, to cling to old industrial forms of
organization. Democratic centralism in America today means the general line of the
group you belong to is binding on all members and the only general line I
advocate is "victory to the workers in their current struggle."

This is the line of Marx.

Stalin outlived Trotsky and he has been dead for half a century. For my money
the former Soviet proletariat can write their history, although I am aware
that many revolutionaries in America have the answer for everything except what
to do with our own proletariat.

Melvin P.

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