The Lutte Ouvriere viewpoint: banning the veil should be a women's right...

gdunkel at gdunkel at
Mon Sep 22 18:59:15 MDT 2003

It is interesting to see how Lutte Ouvriere practically winds up on the
same side as Prime Minister Raffarin.

I think that any North African in France, whether Marxist or not, whether
Berber, whose cultural practices differ about women wearing head
covers, or Arab would bristle at a group, seen as French, attacked a
cultural practice that it deems religious.  But just because LO says the
"islamic veil" is a "mark of oppression" doesn't make it so and doesn't
make it accepted.

Could say more, but I don't think LO is worth it.  More interesting would
be to see how LCR formulates the issue.


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