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El Martes 23 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 5:08,
Jurriaan Bendien dijo sobre Reply to Nestor que:

> Hi Nestor,
> "The price to be paid for turning "the desert into an olive grove" is the
> historic execution of the Palestinian people, and the financial support of
> the imperialist nations and bourgeoisies to the olive planters. There is
> nothing progressive in that."
> As far as I am aware, many Palestinians have been murdered, but generally
> the Palestinian people are alive and kicking, no "historical execution" has
> occurred, whatever that means.

Excuse me, Jurriaan, you sound too phillistine today. I said that
"the price to be paid was", not that the bargain took place. The Arab
population of the Mandate decided the deal would not take root. And
that is the single reason why they are still alive. The concrete
meaning of any "development" in Israel is imperialist penetration and
dessecration of the Palestinians. It is false that

"Olive groves have no political views of their own," precisely because "people do", and (capitals just for emphasis) IT IS PEOPLE WHO PLANT OLIVE GROVES. As a geographer and a Marxist, I have developed a consciousness of the concrete meaning of the organization of human space. Maybe you could develop some yourself.


> My personal opinion is that if you cannot see anything progressive at all in
> any way in what any Jews have achieved in Israel, then there is no basis for
> a resolution of the conflict of any type.

To begin with: it is not "Jews" who achieved anything in Israel. It
is imperialism. Among other things, imperialism has achieved in
Israel no little feat: out of a bunch of desperate Eastern and
Central European Jews, it developed a distinct nationality, the
Israeli nationality. This is the single side of the Jewish
colonization in the Middle East that I would reckon as worthy of
continuity. As to all and every material, crass, realizations by the
State of Israel, they are all open to question. No serious settlement
of the issues there will even begin unless we begin by admitting this
obvious fact.

The Israeli nationality has all its right to survive, provided it can show that they will stop living off other nationalities' blood.

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