Scratch to Gangrene Arguments

Domhnall Ó Cobhthaigh donaloc01 at
Tue Sep 23 03:45:25 MDT 2003

A chairde,

Is it just me, or are these recent incessent arguments just about the worst
thing that's happened to this list in a long time (and from people I like
reading articles from too). If it's clear that Jurriaan and Melvin don't get
on - let's just leave it there!

Changing the subject...

More interestingly, there is a great new documentary out by John Pilger on
US imperialism. I would encourage all comrades to get a hold of a copy (and
better to canvass for it to be shown on their local TV stations). If
everyone could sit through that - it would really reverse public opinion. In
the documentary itself, Pilger has managed to dig out two clips of
Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell both saying (in 2001) that Iraq had no WMD
as it had disarmed. To say that this is embarrassing is a total
understatement - it's clear (and on videotape) that they have lied. Tying
this to W's admission that Saddam had nothing to do with '911', the problems
with the US deficit and the costs of global imperialism, that regime is in

Are there going to be anti-war protests in the US this weekend? It seems as
if we'll have them in Ireland and Britain - possibly elsewhere in Europe.
That needs reinvigorating in the context of the current crisis in the US

Is mise

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