Additional comment by Chris Doss in Moscow on the demography issue

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Sep 23 09:29:47 MDT 2003

(Chris added the following comment to his remarks in a personal
communication to myself).

BTW one thing that annoys me about these demographic reports in the West is
that they almost always fail to distinguish between the distinct categories
of "rossiyane" (Russian citizens) and "russkiye" (ethnic Russians), who all
become amalgamated into some vague group "Russians." Actually the
demographics are different in different groups: Caucasians tend to have
large extended families, for instance, and a high birth rate. There are
between 89 and 150 or so distinct ethnic groupings here, for crying out
loud. How did they all become "Russians"?

You see this in other contexts, as in when you see something like:

"Aslan Magomed, a colonel in the Russian Army, does not hide his dislike of
Chechens. 'They are all thieves,' he said.

"Dislike of Caucasians goes back a long way in Russian culture."

The guy's name is freakin' Aslan Magomed! He's not a Russian, he's a
Caucasian Dagestani Muslim!

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