Response to Lou Paulsen

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Sep 23 13:15:57 MDT 2003

Hi Lou,

You make some good points but cannot reply to them just now, bit short of
time. Problem is that American Marxists are often full of sexy poetry but
don't do any real Marxist thinking. Ipso facto I don't think there is
anything wrong with that, if American Marxism is just a stance anyway, but
the point is, if you actually want to get serious about it and talk sense
about it then I have to go through a whole song and dance to persuade people
to think, rather than talk metaphors and analogies. I studied Mandel, but I
am not a Mandelite, I often disagree with Mandel, and I have no connection
with the FI either, it was just a phase. But I like to give intellectual
credit where credit is due, like Anwar Shaikh, even although, as Michael
Husson points out, there are problems with Mandel's idea about financial
credit. I had many people impute Mandel's views to me which is a nuisance,
it occurs especially when people, instead of contacting you directly, spy on
you and start reinterpreting what you are doing and giving feedback based on
their own speculations, which have nothing to do with me. The idea of
Mandelism is a bit like reading Marx and then saying "I am a Marxist, I
cannot think for myself about socialism". So anyway I will get back to you
later. I think it is fair to say though that prior to writing a mail on
this, you should actually read what Mandel says carefully to extract the
relevant matter, because I notice in skimming your mail that you are already
making errors of interpretation, i.e. read MET chapter 10 and read the part
in LC concerned with that subject in the chapter on expansion of the
services sector" at the very least. The issue you deal with is not resolved
in a dash.


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