The veil issue again

Sabri Oncu soncu at
Tue Sep 23 12:27:53 MDT 2003


> I don't know about what the Turkish comrades say 
> yet because they almost never talk to me, except 
> Sabri sometimes but usually he seems to think I am 
> corny.

How do you know that Jurriaan? Have I ever told you that I think you are
corny? I don't even know what you mean by the word "corny" here.

I have one major complaint about you: you write too long, at least for
me, although you are not the only one who is doing that. Sometimes it
might be necessary to write very long since there might not be any other
option. But not always.

Remember the story of Rumi and Yunus I posted here once. Both were
Sufis, very famous in their times and even today. Rumi has a three
volume work called Mesnevi which can be viewed as the Das Capital of
Mevlevis, followers of Mevlana, Rumi's more popular name back home
although it might also be a title. I don't know.

Yunus was a folk poet whose works are crips, clean, easy to understand
and still accessible by common people even after all the transformations
the Turkish language has gone through over the past 700 years.   

As the story goes, one day Yunus visits Mevlana's shrine. Now, I don't
know whether what I am about to tell you really happened or not,
although it is known that Yunus really visited Mevlana's shrine. But,
there, Mevlana gave Yunus his three volumes Mesnevi to read. After Yunus
finished reading Mesnevi, Mevlana asked Yunus what he thought. Yunus
said I thought it was very nice but I would write it differently. I
would write this instead:

I took shape in flesh and bones,
Appeared as Yunus.




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