Party-building (was: Re: Comments on an Alex Callinicos letter to the Left Turn group

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Tue Sep 23 15:02:52 MDT 2003

Lou Proyect wrote:
> I actually think that the WWP and the SWP are doing good work. It is a
> shame that they can't do better work.

For the record we very much want to do more and better work.

I must say, though, that usually when Lou writes about the supposed flaws in
the party-building methods, organizational practices, etc., which supposedly
interfere with WWP's ability to do more and better work, in his opinion, I
find it impossible to recognize the actual WWP in his picture.  From my own
perspective, I think there are important differences between our own internal
organization and methods and, say, the ISO's, or the kind of stuff that comes
up in the Callinicos memo.  Half the time he writes that "'vanguard parties'
like WWP do this and that" and then he describes something that the old SWP
did, which we have been consciously avoiding doing throughout our existence.

Lou Paulsen
member, WWP, Chicago

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