Party-building (was: Re: Comments on an Alex Callinicos letter to the Left Turn group

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue Sep 23 16:39:10 MDT 2003

Lou Proyect:
>>Van Heijenoort points out that for all of Trotsky's fervor over the need
for building revolutionary parties, he had little grasp of how to do it.<<

So who does? More specifically, who knows how to make the transition from
our current state of marginal isolation to one where there is something
like the historical Bolshevik Party?

None of us, that's for sure -- or we'd have done it by now. We're as bad at
it as Trotsky, though we're all pretty good at denouncing other people's
methods which are no more or less successful than ours. I personally
reached a stage of terminal frustration with the particular version of
non-success offered by the Australian ISO, and left -- but the problem

The Bolsheviks were formed by Lenin & Co trying to build an orthodox
social-democratic party in the peculiar conditions of Russia. The big
parties of the Comintern were formed by splits in classical social
democracy. These experiences might translate into the situation in Brazil,
but not into the one where you or I live.

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