The veil issue again

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Tue Sep 23 16:53:00 MDT 2003

Lutte Ouvriere:

"le voile islamique est plus qu'une contrainte vestimentaire, c'est la
marque d'une oppression et, à ce titre, c'est une infamie.<<

(The veil isn't just a dress code but oppressive, infamous.)

Despite their undoubted mechanical side, I have always had a lot of time
for LO, but this is deeply disappointing. How can a group of serious
revolutionaries, in a country with a large Muslim population and the whole
history of the Algerian war, be so ignorant to how Muslim women themselves
see things? They see "the veil" (here probably meaning headscarves) in many
ways, sometimes as oppression but often as self-expression, self-assertion,
even self-defence. 

In an item I posted a link to recently, I discussed this and wrote:
"Trotsky says somewhere that to understand certain things, we must learn to
see the world through the eyes of women. I would add that we need to see
certain things through the eyes of Muslim women." 

It's not that hard; you just need to talk to some. They are probably right
next to you in the factories, dear comrades of Lutte Ouvriere.

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