Protest Bush - Troops out of Iraq! - Green Left Weekly #555 September 24, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
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Issue #555 September 24, 2003

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Featured this week: Protest Bush's visit - troops out of Iraq!
Contrary to corporate media reports, Howard, Downer and other government
ministers have not categorically ruled out sending more Australian
troops to Iraq — including combat soldiers — if the Bush administration
formally requests that Canberra do so. Bush's planned visit to Australia
provides activists with an opportunity to organise mass protests that
demand that the Howard government withdraws all Australian personnel
from Iraq and doesn't give further aid to the brutal and illegal US

IRAQ: Will Bush ask for more Australian troops?

PALESTINE: Why Israel and US want Arafat `removed'

UNITED STATES: Free speech supporters rally for `Poetic justice'
IRELAND: The struggle for abortion rights
FIJI: Boycott Pafco products
IRAQ: Pentagon covers-up occupation's toll
PALESTINE: Al Aqsa Intifada: `Why should our youth accept oppression?'
THAILAND: Farmers protest WTO, demand fair trade
WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION: Revolt by poor countries causes collapse of
Cancun summit
WEST PAPUA: Papuans `marginalised in our own country'
VENEZUELA: Workers, peasants mobilise
CHILE: Coup anniversary sparks national debate
BRITAIN: Labour uses `anti-terrorism' laws against protesters
UNITED STATES: Democrats forced to `backflip' on undocumented workers
UNITED STATES: ILWU leader charged after police assault
UNITED STATES: Camejo calls for preferential voting system

Queensland challenge to AMWU leaders
Residents fight Collex waste dump
Liberal senator accused of bigotry
Jim Dooley: an inspiring campaigner for socialism
Abbott unveils his new attack dog

Stolen wages: fighting for compensation
Ernest Howard Gare
Starving in the First World

Strike closes 800 NSW schools
8000 teachers rally in Perth
SIEV-X mastermind on trial
Huge protests planned for Bush visit
Canberrans organise against Bush
Solidarity protests planned in Melbourne
Perth to protest Bush visit
National anti-Bush protests
Venezuelan revolutionary hits Eastern states
US socialist optimistic about antiwar struggle
Historic teachers' strike demands action
CPSU/CSA members hold stopwork
Release Hicks and Habib!
Campaign launched to save student association

Putting the people back into Edinburgh's festivals
On the box
Yorta Yorta! Here to stay!

Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
Loose cannons

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