On the demographic crisis in Russia

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Sep 23 20:30:24 MDT 2003

Chris D.'s comments from Moscow, in my own view, support my

Anti-alcoholism, expensive alcohol, lack of stress, and so on, were
good things that are gone with the restoration of capitalism.

The fact that Russia receives a migratory inflow doesn't make things
any easier for those who want to make the trend "natural", since if
anything it masks the actual impact on Russian demography of the post-
1990 situation.

There are a couple of personal anecdotes I want to tell you:

Argentina is, as you all know, in the midst of a tremendous crisis.

However, we are _receiving_ migrants from Russia. You can see them
(mostly fair haired females who outcompete their darker skinned local
competitors) selling café in Buenos Aires downtown streets, and also
working at the most traditional café of Buenos Aires, the Tortoni.

You can also see a group sleeping under freeways or in the parks,
drinking themselves to death after they were left castaway in
Argentina when the ship they worked in lost contact with the
dilluting Soviet Union. I have talked to some of them. They simply
know that in Russia they would have died faster. "There is no snow in
winter, here", they explain.

Sorry, Jurriaan, but your friend's data are confirming my

The demographic crisis is a result of the destruction of the old
system. In this sense, it is not a crisis at all. It is a one-way
trip towards capitalist "normalcy".

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