On the demographic crisis in Russia

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Sorry, Jurriaan, but your friend's data are confirming my 

The demographic crisis is a result of the destruction of the old 
system. In this sense, it is not a crisis at all. It is a one-way 
trip towards capitalist "normalcy".

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky


If life was an abstraction between the ideas of democracy and bread for all 
in ones head - the interior of the mind, and not the stark reality of billions 
of living souls - (billions not millions), one could spend a life time 
debating the attributes of the democratic character of the former Soviet Power and 
"Stalinism." The reason Russians and other folks leave the former Soviet Union 
while immigrants pour into the Soviet Union is simply - bread or standard of 
living.  You make this clear to the blind, deaf and dumb. 

I do not seek to attribute to you any of my feelings but climbed on the back 
of your comments because truth is a harsh mistress or master.  My feeling on 
the unfolding social revolution in Argentina have been stated and recorded. 
"Our spirits shall be as one." 

You are kinder and gentler than I Sir. I call them what they are: imperialist 
scoundrels. They can take nothing from me and only liberate my soul. Many of 
"them" have been my tormentors for a lifetime, with their so-called "leftwing 

Pardon, but I shall never have peace in this eternity or the one following 
that. "They" shall tell me nothing. 

Melvin P. 

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