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May I engage this person on my own terms and clear the air?  I have much to
say on this subject but will honor the guildlines. Here is my foreplay.

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As Trotsky said, Stalinism is a very bad social disease, politically
speaking, and the sad thing is that, as it was dominant for many years on the
left wing of the labor movement worldwide, the virus persisted for a very
long time, and still breaks out occasionally.


I of course am not a Trotskyite and have never been a Trotskyite and will
never be a Trotskyite. On earth Trotskyism has always been at best a social
movement of the petty bourgeois intellectual with zero material connection in the
working class movement, and at worse agents of the bourgeoisie.  Trotskyism is
a petty bourgeois ideological movement within Marxism. I am not of the petite
bourgeoisie on any level.

Let's cut to the chase. Lenin called Trotsky exactly what he was a petty
bourgeois intellectual loud mouth and spoke of his non-Bolshevikism. Lenin also
called Stalin what he was: a man of no or bitter personality and very rude.
Stalin insulted Lenin's wife and this threatened to break off their personal
relationship, in spite of the fact that Stalin wrote the definitive framework of
Marxism and the National Colonial Question.

I mention this because here is where you are going to lose in a most
disgraceful manner.

Politics is politics and I can quote volumes of Lenin stating why Trotsky was
a FOOL in politics. I have no such interest at this point in my life, but I
have no discomfort in engaging ideologists parading as communist, especially on
American soil. The history of Trotskyism on American soil is not hard to
access and review. Out of respect for being on a Trotskyite line I have reframed
from such a review.

The reason I openly identify myself as a communist and others call themselves
Trotskyites sums up the history.

Comrade Stalin was a beacon of light for the oppressed and exploited. Comrade
Stalin was the most ruthless assertion of the proletarian dictatorship, able
to halt the aggressions of imperialism. Comrade Stalin appears in history as a
model of a communist revolutionary, as a mentor for the wavering
intellectuals, as terror - horrible terror, for the class enemy. Stalin's steadfastness
was of a character that took imperialism and the bourgeois degenerates and their
Trotskyites agents, 40 years after his death to overthrow the Soviet Power.

Then again Trotskyism and the Trotskyites have been of no consequence to the
social movement in America for at least the past seventy years. This doesn't
excuse the fact they formed a block with bourgeois imperialism to overthrow

The image of Stalin means that you will never in life lead me anywhere,
because most - not all, Trotskyites are agents of imperialism and fascism. Not only
that, but in the real world I shall take history from your degenerate hands.
The world masses hate you for the imperialist scum you are.

Melvin P.

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