Rakesh Bhandari rakeshb at
Wed Sep 24 02:51:44 MDT 2003

>Trotskyism is a petty bourgeois ideological movement within Marxism.
>I am not of the petite bourgeoisie on any level.

Melvin, have you read John Shand's Arguing Well? I would recommend
it. In fact I need to re-read it  and follow up on the reading
suggestions.  From the Publisher What are arguments for? How do they
work and how do they fail? Arguing Well gives a lucid introduction to
the nature of arguments. It explains the principles of good
reasoning, how to apply it and strategies to overcome forces that
lead to abandoning it.Synopsis A lucid introduction to the nature of
good reasoning and how to test and construct good arguments. It
assumes no prior knowledge of logic or philosophy. The book includes
an accessible introduction to basic symbolic logic.

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