Muslim German teacher allowed to wear veil (was: Re: The veil issue again - reply to Tom)

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Wed Sep 24 06:03:11 MDT 2003

> Muslim German teacher allowed to wear veil
> KARLSRUHE, Germany (Reuters) - Germany's highest court has ruled that a
> Muslim woman teacher has the right to wear a traditional headscarf in the
> classroom, settling an issue in Germany causing controversy throughout
> Europe.
> The Federal Constitutional Court ruled that Stuttgart school authorities
> were wrong to bar Afghan-born Fereshta Ludin from a teaching job. She had
> been barred on the grounds that her headscarf would violate the state's
> neutrality on religion.
> Full:
> But the Reuters report is sort of misleading since the court ruled, that a
> simple law (which is missing at the moment) would be sufficient to ban
> teachers wearing a veil.

The BBC has a better report about the case:

Muslim teacher wins headscarf fight
The German Constitutional Court has now ruled by five votes to three that,
under current laws, she can wear the scarf - but it says German states
should seek to find an acceptable balance in law between religious freedom
and neutrality in schools.
"The state legislatures are now free to provide the legal basis that has
been missing until now," the ruling said.
Baden-Wuerttemberg education minister Annette Schaven argued that the
headscarf was political and "understood as a symbol of the exclusion of
woman from civil and cultural society".


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