Muslim German teacher allowed to wear veil

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This begins to look like an intelligent discussion. I can always rely on
Johannes Schneider to contribute something good to the discussion !

Point is, just as in bourgeois equilibrium discussion a "credit" is
presented as a "debit" and vice versa, because of abstraction from class
struggles (which include the liberation from class, gender and ethnic
prejudice), just so, in the media, a conquest of the working class is
represented as a concession of the bourgeoisie.

The funny thing is, that the Left, insofar as it lacks morale, does this as
well. It presents its own achievement as a gracious gift from the
bourgeoisie, and buys into bourgeois ideology. Mick Hume has pointed out
many cases of this, and criticised me for it personally. His argument is, if
you want to die, you can, but why ?

In this way, the class struggles of the working class do not get anywhere,
because in order for these class struggles to get anywhere, one of the first
conditions is, that you give credit where credit is really due. If, in your
own camp, you start to say that incompetent people are competent, and
competent people are incompetent, and if you misplace somebody's real
competency, then you are organisationally stuffed in your own camp by that
fact alone.

Sex provides a wonderful opportunity for the bourgeoisie to fudge the issue,
because definitions of love are endless, it is a bit like talking about God.
In bourgeois political economy, love is analogous to air. But love does run
out ultimately, and when you are dead, you are dead.

In the Roman Empire, the slogan was "bread and games" but these games,
specifically in the decline of the Roman Empire, included more and more sex.

But in the final analysis, the class nature of the bourgeosie is such, that
it evaluates sex in terms of whether sex is a productive factor (I explained
briefly what this means). Thus, the sex of "other people" should be
productive, whereas the bourgeoisie should be entitled to claim the benefits
of that. The bourgeoisie considers that a good exchange. This is the
revelation of the mystery of the "significant other" which you don't get
from the Bible or the Koran (although some passages refer to it


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