Muslim German teacher allowed to wear veil (was: Re: The veil issue again - reply to Tom)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Wed Sep 24 08:06:30 MDT 2003

Aljazeera gives the story the right spin. No victory for tolerance, but
paving the way for a ban:

Germany paves way for hijab ban
Wednesday 24 September 2003, 14:55 Makka Time, 11:55 GMT
Germany's highest court has ruled that individual states may pass new
legislation to outlaw religious dress in public schools. The decision is
effectively a green light for the states to ban the Islamic headscarf, or
hijab, in educational establishments. It comes a few days after the French
prime minister said there was no place for the hijab in French schools. And
it also follows the recent explusion of a Canadian Muslim teenager from a
school in Qubec for wearing a headscarf.


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