Reverend Moon makes inroads into Bush administration

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Wed Sep 24 09:08:40 MDT 2003
Bad Moon on the rise
Overcoming his church's bizarre reputation and his own criminal record,
the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has cemented ties with the Bush administration
-- and gained government funding for his closest disciples.

Response Jim C:

Where has this guy been? Bush Sr has been tied-in heavily with the Moonies
since 1983 and has received over $10 million in speaking fees through
various Moonie fronts. Mike Levine did a show called "Bush the Moonie"
available at almost two years ago. Also
receiving Moonie money are Jerry Falwell (whose Liberty University was saved
with Moonie money and "Rev". Al Sharpton.

Among the theo/neo-fascist cults in the U.S. the Moonies are far and away
the best financed, most heavily connected politically, and the most ruthless
and dangerous in terms of what they are prepared to do to their enemies.
Several recent Bush appointments came through Moonie endorsements and Bush
the elder was instrumental in Moon being allowed to remain in this country
after his conviction/incarceration for tax evasion in 1982.

Jim C

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