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>Trotskyists seemed to see Stalinism as an impediment to workers struggle in
the same way as Communists (Stalinists if you will) saw reformism and social
democracy. But now it is gone what is the excuse? Part of the problem is to
realize that, despite Stalinism's greater responsibility, Trotskyism was no
alternative: both were sources of sectarianism, which maimed the socialist movement
in the last century. But I don't think anyone is going to give
Martin a grant to research this any time soon. <

Martin Spellman


The greater resonsibility. Fine.

Stalin remains the bone in the throat of the communist movement that can
neither be swallowed nor spit up. The image of Stalin is of course not Stalin and
then it is. Stalin's Greatness is obvious. What is interesting is the
composition - class and national factors, of the various groups in American Union
history, that take favorable and anti positions on Stalin. Anyone that researches
this matter will find it rewarding.

The peoples of the Soviet Union are responsible for their own bloodletting.
The people of Germany - including its working class, are responsible for German
fascism. The people of Japan are responsible for Nanking and unprecedented
brutality and murder of the peoples of China. The peoples of the America Union
are responsible for monumental horrors and murder.  The crimes of the peoples
of the American Union are unprecedented in world history and continue as this
is written. The bloodletting in the Soviet Union is miniscule by comparison.
When dealing in murder one must have a perspective on its quantitative and
qualitative dimensions. Even "peasants" can count and there are times when one can
demand a body count.

I am aware of why the current champions, haters and screamers label those who
do not condemn Stalin, - me in particular, "primitive," "peasants," "black
racists," "fools," "ignorant" and so on. History is complex and profoundly
simple in its essence. The victor writes the images of history to follow a line of
trajectory that "proves" why his victory was inevitable. Those written out of
history understand this simple truth as material living reality. The reason
the "primitive," "peasants," "black racists," "fools," "ignorant" communist see
a beacon of light in Stalin resides in his name, and because we have done a
body count. But, then some of the revolutionaries of the imperial centers tend
to be without shame and moral decency and have no problem with turning a blind
eye to their complicity in murder.

Other than Lenin, it was Stalin who fought along the trajectory and taught
others the guild lines that must lead to the liberation of humanity in their

Stalin - not Lenin, will remain for eternity the most hated symbol of
proletarian resistance and militant steadfastness to imperial bourgeois rule,
authority and domination. In Russia a historic line of the ruling class was wiped out
and this shall never be forgotten why the ruling class. Right now today the
image of Stalin inspires a new generation in Russia and that is the logic of
the historical progression. What images inspires the various peoples of America?

I have never shed one tear over the terrible bloodletting in mother Russia,
nor does this episode drive me in a moralistic frenzy characteristic of the
cowardly, the petty bourgeois and those who sought escape from the harsh task
confronting the proletariat brigade.  I have of course shed tears over Nanking
and permanently dip my "red banner" in honor of the one million Chinese
volunteers who poured into Korea and ran into American bullets with no more than a
knife or garbage can tops to frighten the cowardly troops of American
imperialism. There are reasons that communist workers in America, leave the task of
Soviet history to the Russia workers and it has nothing to do with fear of truth.
We love truth - all of it.

The issue is simple to the oppressed peoples and classes. Yet, there will
always be those who call the leader we choose murderers and scum and cry
crocodile tears over the "cynicism" of the Soviet peoples and their "weariness." The
Russian proletariat and former Soviet peasants does not want our tears, but
rather the overthrow of our own bourgeoisie.

Here is why the only basis for unity of Revolutionaries in America is
"victory to the workers in their current struggle."

I shall die with the memory of the Greatness of Stalin, his cold fixed eyes
on the enemy, his brilliance on the national-colonial question, and also his
historical limitation and errors.  There of course were errors but they are
ours. So what. An assessment of these errors by the imperial peoples and a section
of the so-called revolutionary intelligencia fall on deaf ears. At least the
communist workers of my kind - "primitive," "peasants," "black racists,"
"fools," "ignorant" and so on never aligned ourselves with the imperialist
bourgeoisie in assault on the Soviet government and state.

I do in fact understand the issue clearly and the question of the
bureaucracy, but not as a loud mouth radical bagman for the bourgeoisie - on the left. I
also understand why in America we are more than less caught in an intractable
framework of class and national factors on this question of Stalin. The bone
of Stalin cannot be swallowed of spit out. The Trotskyite movement in history -
after 1928, evolved into the Sambo of the working class movement. But that is
why the Trotskyites call themselves Trotskyites instead of communist or

I am deeply aware of the falsification of American Union history - that
continues to this day, by American Trotskyism. At least us "peasant" of American
soil do not falsify our own history.

Melvin P.

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