Bring our children home now!

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Counterpunch, September 24, 2003

Bring Our Children Home from Iraq Now!
A Letter from Latino Military Families
September 12, 2003

Michael G. Jones
Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret)
Strategic Planning Office
Florida Department Of Military Affairs

Dear Colonel Jones,

We, the relatives of the Florida National Guard soldiers want to express 
our position in relation to the last postponement of the return of our 
soldiers back home. We want to inform you that we are united in the 
fight for the return of our soldiers.

This letter shall serve to remind you that these soldiers have now been 
away from our homes for eight months, away from their children, wives 
and parents, away from their universities and jobs, involved in a 
guerilla war in an unknown country, not knowing the culture or the 
language of the place, menaced by mines, bombs and guns, risking their 
lives 24 hours a day, standing in their uniforms and carrying their 
equipment in temperatures of up to 130° F.

In less than 3 months, this small company has suffered countless 
attacks, leaving 4 soldiers crippled and another soldier in coma, not to 
mention the injured soldiers at the AR Ramadi.

The National Guard soldiers are civilians, not active members of the 
Army. They have never received the training for combat in the desert or 
to face urban guerrillas. We know that, since their arrival at AR 
Ramadi, our young soldiers have been patrolling and searching the houses 
of presumed guerrilla forces. We know that they lack adequate equipment, 
that in many cases they have patrolled without bulletproof vests and 
without the necessary ammunition to face the guerrilla forces. Isn't 
this enough? How many months, how many abuses are we supposed to endure?



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