Call for Proposals for NCOR 2004

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Wed Sep 24 15:15:44 MDT 2003

> A Call for Workshop Proposals!
> The National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) collective is
> currently accepting workshop proposals for the 7th annual NCOR, which 
> will
> take place January 23-25, 2004 at American University in Washington, 
> DC.
> NCOR is an annual event that brings together activists from a variety 
> of
> issues, struggles, ideologies and backgrounds for a weekend of learning
> and reflecting on the state of progressive movements occurring locally,
> nationally and worldwide. Through workshops, panel discussions,
> skillshares, tabling, and the creation of an open and safe space, the
> conference aims at promoting organized action amongst participants 
> against
> the injustices and inequalities that are present in our daily lives.
> Last year NCOR created a space for a weekend of radical discourse and
> collective empowerment by featuring nearly 70 workshops, panel 
> discussions
> and skillshares on a wide variety of topics (please see
> for previous conference schedules).
> NCOR provides an open forum for discussion among activists in 
> progressive
> movements.
> Generally, workshops are facilitated by one person or a panel, and may 
> be
> held in lecture or discussion format. The time allocated for each 
> workshop
> is approximately 1 1/2 hours, but we are allowing space for a few
> three-hour workshops this year. We encourage presenters to leave
> time/space during their presentations for discussion and questions and
> answers.
> In the past, workshops have been broken down into three tracks:
> strategy/theory, case study, and skillshares. While we include these
> parameters in order to provide some sort of a starting point/framework,
> while developing a workshop idea, please feel free to use your 
> creativity
> and experience to expand upon these tracks.
> Strategy/theory workshops are intended to address broad, philosophical
> questions in our movements and allow a constructive critique of our
> actions. Some examples of workshops that were included in the strategy
> track last year include Anti-Oppression Organizing Within Activist
> Movements, Fighting Corporate Psychiatry, Living Holistically: Living 
> Your
> Values Beyond the Protest, Radical Pedagogy and Community Education and
> Techniques of Peace and Conflict Resolution.
> The case study track is intended to explore the inner workings of
> movements for social change. Some examples of case study workshops from
> last year are Chiapas: 9 Years of Resistance, Free DC: Racism, 
> Statehood
> and Democracy in our Nation's Capitol, Issues for Women Prisoners, Punk
> and Hip-Hop Activism, and Why Go Vegan?
> The third track of skills is geared toward sharing specific skills for
> better organizing and better living. Last year, workshops such as
> Fundraising for Radicals, Magical Activism, and Build Those Collectives
> were offered.
> To propose a workshop for NCOR, a one to two page description of your
> workshop is needed by October 17th. You may want to refer to the 
> attached
> list of workshop ideas we are hoping to solicit proposals on, but do 
> not
> feel limited to this list. In addition, please submit your name, the
> organization you are representing (if applicable), full contact
> information, one reference, and a short biography of yourself and/or 
> your
> organization.
> Please send in your proposals via email to ncor at making 
> sure
> to include the word “proposal” in the subject line.
> If this is not possible, please use the mailing address listed below. 
> You
> will be notified of the status of your workshop by the second week in
> November. Should your proposal be accepted, a confirmation of your
> availability is needed immediately thereafter, whereupon travel and
> housing accommodations will be made for you.
> Check out the NCOR Website:
> If you want more information about NCOR but do not plan on presenting,
> please visit our website.
> Also, if you're interested in renting a table at the conference, please
> email us with “rent a table” in the subject line.
> ********************************************
> You may e-mail proposals to: ncor at
> You may mail proposals to:
> 4410 Massachusetts Avenue NW
> PMB 282
> Washington, DC 20016-5572
> **********************************************
> Below are three groups of sample workshops we hope to include in this
> years conference. This will give you an idea of the kinds of workshops 
> we
> are looking for.
> Submit your proposal now and be part of this growing event!
> We hope to see workshops on:
> 1) Theory and Strategy of:
> Basics in Economics: parts 1 and 2 for activists
> International Feminism and/or Challenging Western conceptions of
> feminism
> Living holistically
> Alternatives to Capitalism
> Community Service and Challenging the System
> Radical Queer Theory/Sexual Politics
> Spiritual Roots of Political Resistance
> Self-determination from anti-cap/anti-imperialist perspective
> Resisting the continued occupation of Iraq
> Direct action panel
> 2) Case-Studies such as:
> Update on the Middle East
> The Political ramifications of AIDS
> Hip-Hop, Punk, Folk, and More: Music and Culture of Resistance
> Gentrification in DC
> The Development and Maintenance of Intentional communities
> Incorporating peace into the education system
> Local campaigns in Africa
> Euro-centrism in social justice movement
> IMF role in the Asian financial crisis
> Effects of Sprawl
> Nonviolent case studies
> Israel/Palestine with a focus on peace activism on the part of
> Palestinians AND Israelis
> Homeless/hunger issues
> Update on the situation in Iran
> Immigrant detentions; background and resistance
> Patriot Act
> FTAA: Miami and beyond; the basics and next steps
> 3) Specific Skills such as:
> Ethical Shopping (addressing animal rights, consumerism)
> Toward a Car free culture
> How to start a co-op/collective/organization
> Learning how to speak/listen with an emphasis on gender
> How to combine the arts and activism
> Crash course on facilitation
> How to sort through media sources
> Basics in Bike repair
> How to start your own Food Not Bombs
> See you in January!
> In peace and solidarity,
> The 2004 NCOR collective
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