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   > I shall die with the memory of the Greatness of Stalin, his cold
   > fixed eyes on the enemy, his brilliance on the national-colonial
   > question, and also his historical limitation and errors.

   Dang. After a statement like that, I need to clean off my monitor
   and keyboard.

Actually, you might need a fire extinguisher because it is going to
get a little heated. Avoidance of the political issues does not make
them go away.

Yea, but the class and national factors of the historic political
alignment is the question. Side were taken and I am very clear about
who was standing next to me. This is of course the point avoided like
the plague. It is called the national and colonial question by
communists and Marxists in America or the intertwining of the struggle
of the African American people and that of and as proletariat.

See, the question of Stalin in American history has very little to do
with the internal evolution of the Soviet Union. The major victory has
been scored in winning the battle to describe the old plantation
system as a value producing system and now the door is opened to win
the battle over the meaning of the commodity form and win the battle
to describe the bourgeois property relations, so we know what we are
doing.  The next battle win probably be over describing the logic of
Reconstruction, what happened and why.  Why should I not be on the
side of the man talking sense - Stalin, about my family, parents and
their parents and neighbors and loved ones in a manner that makes

One has to learn how to see the forest and each tree and their

When the communist from which I emerged says, Stalin remains a beacon
of light, the petty bourgeoisie see internal Soviet development and we
do not mean this. How come every so-called revolutionary group in
American history - except us, has crashed and in the last instance
been rendered obsolete on the basis of a wrong assessment of the
national colonial question in America?

One can all ways plead ignorance on the monumental betrayal, the real
historical crimes and a lack of understanding history. It matters
little because the communist workers in America are going to win the
theory and political battle and establish hegemony over the so-called
left, based on correcting the falsification of American history. All
we are going to do is tell the real truth to the various people of the
American Union and the Trotskyites and those of that tradition cannot
do this because they were never really part of the working class in
the first place.

This is the point concerning the alignment that crystallized on the
basis of personalities of the past. It gets deeper because the
Trotskyite movement in America is based in the specifics of our
history and our working class cannot advance as a political force,
except on the basis of a profound understanding of the national
colonial question, the role of the elite, the political structures
internal to America's multinational state union. There is a reason we
speak of the state of the multinational state of the American Union
and the basis - the line of advance opened to us, in its dismantling
and reconfiguration.  One has to understand American history, which
the falsifiers of history obscure to this day by screaming "look at

Very well look at Stalin.:-)

A moment of pause.

Mr. Jurriaan is fond of calling me a murderer and or supporter of
torture when in fact it is the imperial peoples and their left wing
front men that have drowned the world in centuries of blood and
committed crimes of which history will make them pay restitution. I am
a "black racist" according to Jurriaan, but it is he who is the
guardian of race theory. He of course has the strength of conviction
to state what is on his petty bourgeois mind. I like this because it
allows me to measure who I am dealing with - a buffoon and "left wing
frontman for the bourgeoisie, that cries crocodile tears over
bloodletting and not monumental murder.

By the word petty bourgeoisie what is meant is the political logic of
a class that appears as a theoretical grid incapable of grasping the
line of trajectory on which is abolished bourgeois property. No class
or representation of a class or strata can politically and
theoretically chart their own demise from/in history.

It is not that the Trotskyite movement in America is Trotskyism -
which iot is, but the curve of development it arose in opposition to
and then outside the CPUSA. On Marxline which is heavily Trotskyism,
my decision is to not analyze the CPUSA because it produces another
political consequence. Yet, the origin of the distortion resides in
the formation of the groups - the early socialist circles and Populist
formations, that became the CPUSA. Why is it that ninety percent of
the so called revolutionaries cling to race theory? Why is it that
simple things like slavery and the formation of the American Union
defies the understanding of 99% of the revolutionaries in America? Why
is it that during the last great period of upsurge in the working
class movement, re-ignited by the Freedom Movement all the groups on
the left basically "missed the movement" and were more than less
converted into support groups of the colonial struggles?

One not fettered by the chauvinist ideology of the bourgeoisie can see
the trajectory from Reconstruction all the way through the formation
of the SDS and why it became a group for a democratic society in the
first place, and then fractured into various petty bourgeois political
grouping, absolutely devoid of any conception of the national and
colonial question in America. Ones political tradition only appears as
accidental to the individual, but contains historical and class
logic. One is not accidentally a Trotskyite in America.

"We" did not emerge out of the CPUSA, although there were a hand full
of people that allowed us connection with the history of the communist
and Marxists movement. These movements are intertwined but not the

It is of course not my fault that this enormous distortion, whose
roots reside in the period of the defeat of Reconstruction, reappeared
in the shape of the personalities of Soviet political history. It is
none of our fault but everyone's responsibility to clarify ones own
history. What is historically distorted in the Marxist and communist
movement in America is not Stalin or Trotsky - although these are the
personalities that have shaped how the distortion is made manifest.

I of course have written and maintain that the doctrines of the past
will do us no good and produced enough material on the state of
development of AMerican society to begin reshaping the outlook of
revolutionaries of Marxline to closer conform to the logic of American
history. Some of the material is good and some of it is not so
good. Such is life. What I never do is go over to the enemy and most
folks do not understand how not to go over to the enemy because of the
historical distortion that appears as personalities of Soviet leaders.

I have no problem with confronting the Stalin issue because it affords
me an opportunity to little by little clarify American history and the
meaning of America being a Southern country in its origin - that is
the national and colonial question. The new nation that arose in
America was in the North. This seems increasing obvious today but it
has taken several generations of communist workers to reach a juncture
where this understanding can be won and imparted to the masses as a
material force. We are of course talking about dismantling or
reconfiguring the state of the United States of North America in the
last instance and not some abstract notion of "social revolution."

We have reached a new juncture, but many of us where at this basic
level 30 years ago. Today, in this era we deliver a catastrophic
defeat to the various theorist "of the left" who embrace race theory.

I am aware of what I write and the impact and how it alters others
writings as political logic. This is not an ego trip but a relentless
fight that has been waged for 30 years non stop and we are beginning
to bore fruit. The danger is great but a unique opportunity is opening
up. What this means is the opening of an understanding of the weakness
of the Bush administration and the Southern configuration of the
structures of power. This "Southern configuration of the structures of
power" is a historical phenomenon that is the national colonial
question but appears as the color factor.

Given the initial distortion in the social movement as the result of
the defeat of Reconstruction and the overthrow of the democratic
government of the Southern, and the color factor in American history,
within the socialist and then communist movements the battle would be
fought out on the basis of Stalin and Trotsky.

"I shall die with the memory of the Greatness of Stalin, his
brilliance on the national-colonial question."  Here is the key to the
overthrow of the bourgeois property relations and the issue that
determines whether or not the fascist onslaught is halted. The fascist
advance cannot be halted simply on the basis of the Anglo American
proletariat in the North - meaning all the workers of the North
regardless of color, sex or gender bent, but on the basis of our
political history that formed the South and the Southwest.

Revolutionaries in America can in fact lose and a section of the
bourgeoisie lead the transition to a new mode of production - not as
bourgeoisie, but as a decadent ruling clique. Slavery in America and
its overthrow has not been understood and the basis on which an old
ruling class - in the form of the slave oligarchy, was shattered and
transformed itself into a "different" class formation as ruling
clique, with basically the same people.

Here is the gold - brilliance of Marxism and the National Colonial
Question and it evolved outside Trotskyism and the CPUSA, although
"it" had to pass through the CPUSA given the material factors of our
history and the new alignments created as the result of the First
Imperial World War.

Stalin is a beacon of light. He wrote the definitive text of the
modern presentation of this question containing the theoretical grid
advance by Lenin, as well as several other monumental text on this
important question. Here is the key to the revolutionary advance in
America and all the nonsense about industrial concentration and the
industrial proletariat of the past, needs to be given the burial it

"You got things twisted homes. Around here eveyone puts in their own
work."  Training Day

Melvin P.

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