Briefly again on the "veil"

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed Sep 24 17:25:41 MDT 2003

I put it in quotes because it usually means head covering.

Calling it the "veil" makes it sound quaint and sinister at the same time.
Whereas headscarf sounds more innocent, doesn't it? -- and puts it in
perspective. If someone said Jews wearing Yarmulkas couldn't teach or go to
school, everyone would (rightly) be up in arms.

Somewhere in this thread, someone referred to a class perspective. This is
important. I don't actually agree that we're opposed to *all* restrictions
on clothing or freedom of religion. For example there is a misogynist "male
rights" group here that dresses in black and even calls itself
"Blackshirts". I don't defend their rights. Neither am I likely to lose
much sleep over the "rights" of certain Christian fundamentalists. But
right now we're talking about Muslims in the west -- the oppressed.

Speaking of Christian fundamentalists, our best known Australian example is
a preacher named Fred Nile, who is also a member of the NSW Legislative
Council (upper house). Last year he asked if the government planned to ban
the chador, because women terrorists might hide bombs and machine guns
beneath them...

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