thermodynamics (was: What do Marxist's think about the future)

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Wed Sep 24 17:32:42 MDT 2003

Julio wrote on Sunday:

> As I said, 'classes' (in a purely and restricted economic sense) can
> be introduced. [snip] The "power of the gun" would entail the
> reshuffling of ownership by force.  That is a violation of the rules
> of voluntary trade implicit in the model.  It's something that you'd
> have to deal with exogenously -- as shocks to the initial or final
> conditions.

i'd have to think how to go about modeling such a thing, and have yet
to check out the references that you and Rakesh passed along. but my
guess is that the law of the gun could be brought right into the model
and not be abstracted out as some kind of end condx.

> Les, if your concern is whether these 'theoretical edifices' can be
> helpful in the workers' struggles in a more concrete manner, the
> answer is that -- as they are, far too general and abstract -- they
> cannot.  However, IMHO, we should appropriate them (with due care,
> of course) because they could be helpful.

i'm all for appropriation.


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