Israeli pilots rebel against strikes

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>From the Haaretz website:

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Halutz: Pilots refusing to serve in territories will face law

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service

The Air Force is planning to dismiss from active service nine pilots who
signed a letter refusing to take part in operations in the territories.
Altogether 27 reserve pilots signed the letter, details of which were
published last week in Haaretz, but only nine of them still do active duty
with the force.
The signatories, who sent the letter to Air Force Commander Dan Halutz,
described aerial activity in the territories as "illegal and immoral."
The nine pilots will be called to meetings with the heads of their bases in
the coming days and if they do not retract their statement, they will be
dismissed from active service.
The signatories to the letter wrote they would refuse to take part in aerial
attacks on populated Palestinian areas in the territories. "We, both veteran
and active pilots, who have served and who still serve the state of Israel,
are opposed to carrying out illegal and immoral orders to attack, of the
type Israel carries out in the territories," the letter states. "We, for
whom the IDF and the air force are an integral part of our being, refuse to
continue to hit innocent civilians ... The continued occupation is
critically harming the country's security" and moral fiber, it added.


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