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Quoting Jurriaan Bendien <bendien at>:

> Although I am not so keen on Sraffa's own theory (his understanding of value
> is a bit primitive and crude, like most bourgeois economics, and he confuses
> the rate of surplus value (where surplus-value means
> interest+profit+rent+returns) with the share-out of surplus-value), your
> following statement is very important:
> "The input output system is level_1 feasible if dept I produces more means
> of production than it consumes."
> The reason is this notion of "producing more than consumes", and that is
> exactly the lynchpin of the bourgeois enterprise: getting something for
> nothing, and it is always a question of finding new ways of getting
> something for nothing. I haven't got time to delve more deeply into the
> theory of exchange now, but okay.
> Next question is, "produce more" in what sense, of what ? Physical terms, or
> price terms, or what ?

Physical terms are prior, price terms a consequence.

No necessity of environmental depletion. Consider Quesney.

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