ADC Mourns Passing of Prof. Edward Said

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Thu Sep 25 09:17:01 MDT 2003

> ADC Press Release:
> ADC Mourns Passing of Prof. Edward Said
> Washington, DC, Sept. 25 - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination
Committee (ADC) today expressed its profound sadness at the death of Prof.
Edward Said.

I feel stunned.  For years Said has been such a part of my landscape of
intellectual struggle, like a mountain range outside the window.  Whenever
anyone asked me, "What can I read to understand the Palestinian struggle?" my
response would always include the words, "Read Edward Said."  He was an
intellectual giant and his was always a voice for struggle; he never tried to
gain 'respectability' by compromising his struggling heart.  He exposed the
lies of imperialism, in their vulgar political forms and in their specious
academic forms.  There will be a large Edward Said-shaped vacancy in my world
for quite some time to come.

Other people will write more knowledgeable assessments than this - many of
them, I expect.  He will be mourned by tens of millions.  I don't post this
because I am trying to make some point that I think nobody else will make.
This is pretty much just a spontaneous expression of grief.

Lou Paulsen

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