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Edward Said

by Mustafa Barghouthi; September 25, 2003

Tribute to Edward Said

It is with heartbreaking sorrow that the Palestinian National Initiative
announce the tragic death of Edward Said who passed away today after
eleven years fighting leukemia. At this time our thoughts and love are
with his family. We wish them strength and courage and assurance that
Edward will be a man forever remembered not only for his incredible
achievements but for his remarkable qualities as a friend. Though words
may do little at such a time to assuage the pain and grief something must
be said to pay homage to a man and a life we should truly celebrate.

A man with great courage and clear conviction Edward Said was a shining
light in a confused world. As a true intellectual giant, Said inspired all
fields with his accomplishments. The passion which infused his
intellectual abilities presented him as a man with clear visions to be
greatly admired, trusted and respected.

Though his beliefs and commitments presented him with many challenges his
statements and many testimonies of outrage at the hypocrisies,
contradictions, and indignities so rife in the world gave him the
integrity and honesty for which he was renowned.

A prolific writer Said addressed all issues of culture, colonialism,
imperialism, language and literature. As a Palestinian exile much of his
political writing came from personal memories yet he remained objective
and grounded not only affirming the Palestinian presence but also pointing
toward a future where peace is possible. Among spokespeople for the
Palestinian cause surely there was none so articulate, so inspiring, so

For the Palestinian National Initiative, a movement striving for democracy
in Palestine itself co-founded by Dr. Said, the death of this unique and
most prominent leader, a man of values and integrity who truly believed in
freedom and justice is a great loss. The Mubardara remain determined to
follow in his foot steps, and remain committed to his vision, conveying
all his hopes and values not just of a free Palestine, and free
Palestinians but of freedom for all, the world over.

The sense of loss felt by the death of such a great intellect, gentleman
and friend is immeasurable.  His eminent work of decades and all that he
stood for will remain forever a monument for justice, and human rights. As
a man of courage, graciousness, hope and dedication, his memory will
remain forever in our hearts.

Mustafa Barghouthi
Secretary Palestinian National Initiative

John Cox
Chapel Hill, NC

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