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...Despite the worsening situation in Palestine, Said never succumbed to
despair. Until the very end of his life, he was actively engaged in the
Palestinian National Initiative, a movement to mobilize the energy of the
entire population towards a non-violent struggle for peace and liberation.

Yet the greatest significance of Said's contribution is not only that he
was an outstanding advocate for justice and peace in Palestine, but also
that he consistently located this cause within a much greater struggle for
a truly universal and humanist vision, entailing a firm rejection of
ethno-nationalism and religious fanaticism. He taught by eloquent example
that being faithful to a cause did not require blind loyalty to leaders or
symbols, but rather necessitated self-criticism and debate. This fact
meant that his engagement with the Arab world, and his fierce criticism of
its status quo, was as important as his work communicating with people in
the West.

Edward Said was a fountain of humanity, compassion, intellectual
restlessness and creativity. At a time when the crude calculus of raw
power and fanaticism threatens to swamp global discourse, his
irreplaceable voice never needed to be heard more.

The most fitting tribute to Professor Said's life and work is to struggle
with increased commitment for the vision of justice and humanity that
inspired all of his efforts.

Ali Abunimah
Arjan El Fassed
Laurie King-Irani
Nigel Parry
for The Electronic Intifada

full: http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article1974.shtml

John Cox
Chapel Hill, NC

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