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Part 2

Any political movement that organized a base of political action in
industrial becomes stuck at their base as the industrial curve changes. Communist
cannot organize themselves from the standpoint of "building a base."

When the Freedom Movement of the African American masses exploded in the
1950s and 1960s the CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal were trapped into their base in
industry. It is not possible for a political movement based in industry to compel its
base to "turn" - conform to a new reality. This is so because a political
formation is not a military structure that can "turn" as a column. As these
grouping attempted to "turn" - conform to the new reality, they hit the historical
wall and began dissolution. Every political grouping in American history has
been destroyed on the rock of the national colonial question except us.

We never faced this problem because we evolved out of industry and our task
was to organize a framework for various facets of the social movement. What
emerged was the League of Revolutionary Black workers because this was the
section of the working class - not black people, in motion. Generally the
Trotskyites and the CPUSA call this the black nationalist movement but we did not cater
to the Black Elite. We never have to explain how we speak to or on behalf of a
section of the working class in motion. Our successes reside in the fact that
we speak in the language framework in which people think things out.

The harsh reality is that the Troskyites had been expelled from the working
class movement, along with the CPUSA due to government pressure and following
wrong political logic. In the North the mass of African American set in motion
had at its core the working class - proletarians, but the ideologist called
this "black people." By the early 1960s what remained of the CPUSA was a group
of older communist outside the social movement to a large degree and in the
case of the Trotskyites a groups of students and intellectuals unable to
penetrate the social movement.

The bottom line is that both sides of the polarity that evolved from the
populist movement in our history - CPUSA/Trotskyism, have never been more than
ideological movements. In the case of the CPUSA it really entered American
history - not on the basis of the drive for industrial unionism, but the Scottboro
Boys case in Alabama. Had the Comintern not pressured the CPUSA on the national
and colonial question they would have missed this juncture. A combination of
the Scottboro case and the militant struggle of the Slavic workers was the
historical basis of the strength of the CPUSA.

Pardon me skipping though this history but these ideological groups only
called themselves communist and were never communist or Marxist for that matter.
How can one be a communist following the logic of the most bribed sector of the
working class and that is the historical problem. Just as at one phase of our
history the Slavic workers played a vanguard role during the period from
1950-1990 the proleratian sector of the African American people would play that

When the communist workers write about the history of the American Union and
the last period, we generally begin with the Civil War and the political logic
that evolved from it. When we speak of the last era or "last period" of our
history we speak of the revolts of the 1960s as junctures and not the motion of
the industrial sector of the working class. How come the CPUSA/Trotskyite
cabal glorifies working class history in our country from the standpoint of the
industrial proletariat? Why?

Part of the reason is tied to the formation of the Third International. When
the Trotskyites speak of the Third International, and the crimes of its
leaders, they do not understand that they advance the program of the Third
International devoid of the national colonial question as it exist in America. The
historical mission of the Third International was to regroup the various socialist
and communist collectives on the basis of opposition to the First Imperial
War and the doctrine of Lenin. The heart of the doctrine of Lenin is not the
"party of the new type" but the national colonial question -- imperialism or what
was financial-industrial capital.

The historical service rendered by the Third International to the working
class in America was to force - under threat of expulsion, the national colonial
question on the American communist as organized in what would become the
CPUSA. These communist rebelled in mass and faced expulsion from the Comintern.

Here is where the Trotskyites are revealed as imperialist haters in the
working class movement. To this very day they cry crocodile tears over the
Comintern compelling the American communist to abandon the language presses. The
totality of the lowest section of the working in America speaks American English
and a section speaks Spanish. The language presses were not in English or
freaking Spanish. What kind of shit is that? Comrade Lou at Marxline from time to
time mention this point with sadness and when I call him the imperialist
scoundrel he is for taking such a position he pleads ignorance and cry "democracy" or
"no one has the right to make the communist speak to broad sections of the
working class in English." "Our right to be independent thinkers and do as we
please is more important. Stalin is a dictator."

Thank God for Stalin.

The reason there were language presses is because the working class in the
North was formed on the basis of European immigrants, while the laboring classes
of the South existed under a state of fascism. This question of fascism in
our history is important but the CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal calls this "racism
antagonism." When I say, "there is no thing as race and the African American people
are not a race but a people," I am called a dogmatic Stalinist and murderer.
Well, American was a Southern country in its origin and remained so up to the
Civil War!

Here is the ideological block to us stopping the current fascist onslaught in
America. The CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal has for eight years done everything in
their power to prevent disclosure of the structure of class rule in the American
Union. If an African American even says, the word "South" they are labeled a
black nationalist. Such genuflecting to imperialism is enough to make one
vomit. During the late 1920 and 1930 it was time to have a common press written in
English and Spanish because that is the language of the most poverty-stricken
section of the working class.

Is the political logic slowly revealing itself? It is not a question of color
or race. Industrial concentration with language presses meant what? Language
presses also meant to hell with the working class evolving in the South! Here
is the betrayal that even a Trotskyite can understand.  American in its origin
was a Southern country up to the Civil War. Here is the historical trap. When
I speak of the Greatness of Stalin the petty bourgeois democrat sees the
internal political struggle in the Soviet Union, the regimentation of Soviet
society and them losing the factional struggle.

When one speaks of America as a Southern country in its origins the
CPUSA/Trotskyites singularly shut up. When I say the national-colonial question they
see race and racism and skin color. Why is this? No one is a Trotskyite by
accident. These people have not even an elementary conception of what Marx is
talking about. The simplest question on value and the value form is not understood.
They argue that the origins of the bourgeois property relations are in the
English countryside, when Marx speaks of slavery and the slave trade.

Ask the Americans of the Trotskyite tradition what is there contribution to
our working class and they at best point to fighting for a damn union but
condemn the Comintern for abolishing the language presses, which for reasons of the
specifics of our history could not be anything other than a voice of the most
privilege workers.

One needs to understand the brilliance of Stalin and the Comintern, forcing
the national colonial question down the resisting throat of the CPUSA. Stalin
should have jailed Foster and the rest of them while they where in the Soviet
Union and at least the workers of America would have had a shot at a party of
the class. Instead what we ended up with was antiwar students fancying
themselves communist.

Now the CPUSA evolved from the Populism Movement in America and the
Trotskyites emerged from the CPUSA. The Populist movement was generated as a byproduct
of the completion of Reconstruction and the overthrown of the democratic
governments of the South. In America the Populist movement - to varying degrees,
was a fascist movement, but comrades do not understand the political logic of
Populism. Populism is social movement with a non-class or anti-class ideology.
The battle is against the "big guy" or the "big banks." Do you hear "Hitler" in
this? Why do you think Stalin and the Comintern had to force the national
colonial question on the American communist?

To cover their imperialist footprints the CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal advanced the
non-class slogan "black and white" unite, waiting for an opportune time to
liquidate the national colonial question from our political history. Black
people cannot unite with white people except on the basis of fascism - imperial
reaction. I state these things in the context of what is called a historical

The CPUSA/Trotskyite cabal was born as an abortion that was the Populist
movement in America. One has to conceive of what it means to carry forth a battle
from one generation to the next against imperialist scoundrels. The battle has
raged since 1928, and today the communist workers stand at the mouth of

History has won for the communist workers what could not be won on the basis
of Marxism or common sense. Now that capital is destroying the industrial
working class where do you go from here? Now that capital has destroyed and is
destroying the material bribery of our working class, where do you go from here?
The lowest section of the working class existed eighty years ago and that is
why I dream of Stalin and the Comintern and forever grateful the language
presses were disbanded and the national colonial question - Lenin's concept, was
forced on them.

Now that the Soviet Union has fallen, under the ideological attacks of the
imperialists and their advance left wing flank - the Trotskyites, history is
being rewritten to say that both Stalin and Trotsky were wrong. This is of course
a lie. Stalin was fundamentally right and was always fundamentally correct in
his theory and political projections. Now that vast sections of our working
class is getting from imperialism what the lowest section has always gotten - a
bullet and the rope, everyone wants to rethink their positions.

No one is a Trotskyite by accident. One can only escape a historically
evolved framework when history itself changes. Simply because one senses how they
were maneuvered out of the struggle and onto the side of the enemy does not
excuse your crimes against the working class. People did what they wanted to down.

The democratic screamers in the imperial centers wanted to prove that
bourgeois imperialism is better than Soviet Power and the ideological reason for this
is called "Stalin."  Today anyone with common sense can understand Soviet
Power. The haters of yesterday will simply morph into the haters tomorrow, but
they must adopt the general line of advance of the communist workers. The fault
line runs along the South and through the lowest section of the working class.
Here is the key to the overthrow of bourgeois property and it has never been
any different.

All one has to do is examine the Trotskyite press of the past 30-40 years in
America and it becomes clear they are devoid of a conception of the working
class movement and cater to the most privilege workers and call the lowest
sector of the working class black people. What is interesting is that this is the
same projection of the CPUSA.

End of Part 2

Melvin P

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