Camejo's last words in last night's debate

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Sep 25 19:25:29 MDT 2003

Jose wrote:

>Funny that Eli thinks it was Camejo's *best* performance, I thought what
>I saw in earlier debates was a better presentation.

Man, we can't agree on ANYTHING, can we? :-)

Actually, we thought exactly the same thing, just putting it differently. I,
along with many media commentators, thought that Peter (and McClintock) came
off the best from the debate because of their more serious demeanor
(compared to Schwarzenegger and Huffington) and concrete ideas (compared to
Bustamante). That was, for example, exactly the reaction of Jon's co-worker.
The fact that Peter had a "better presentation" in earlier debates was
strictly a function of the ridiculous debate format (and the completely
inept moderator) which didn't give him (or anyone) as good a chance to make
a good presentation.

As far as this comment:

>As to this or that specific economic proposal, where Eli thinks one or
>another thing said by Arianna was more "radical" than what Peter said

I have no idea where that comes from. Here's what I said:

>it was Huffington who was the only one who mentioned Bush's role in
>California's problems (four times), and the only one who said that one key
>role of the Governor of California is to fight the Bush administration:

I said nothing about Arianna being more "radical" than Peter, what I said
was that she quite rightly turned the debate to the question of the national
economy and the need to fight against the policies of the Bush
administration, understanding that the problems of California won't be
solved in California alone.  No doubt Peter would agree with that, but chose
not to go there. I think that's a mistake. It doesn't mean he's "less

Incidentally this is now the third or fourth debate (I've lost count) in
which Peter has talked about how the rich pay a lower tax rate than the
poor. NOT ONCE to my knowledge has he ever EXPLAINED this statement to the
viewers. Is he talking about tax loopholes? Total tax including sales tax
and property tax vs. only income tax? I have absolutely no idea from
listening to his presentations. And, since everyone who fills out a
California income tax form can see that the tax rate goes UP once you pass a
certain income threshhold, making this statement without elaboration just
makes him seem like a raving left-wing lunatic. He's not, of course, but you
can't just make statements like that without explanation.

A similar one was his statement on population. Someone else pointed out that
people are leaving California and indeed, the most recent data showed that
California had a net population contraction last year. Peter replied that
"people are pouring into California." What on earth was he talking about?
Again, I have absolutely no idea. Was he speaking historically? Was he
saying that although the "legal" population may have decreased, there are
actually huge numbers of uncounted "illegal" immigrants still arriving and
increasing the real population, if not the official population? No

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