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Gavin Walker gmwalker at
Thu Sep 25 21:42:40 MDT 2003

Reply to Jurriaan Bendien on public/private:

You know, the fact of the matter is that I'm sure I'm not the only
other person besides Xxxx Xxxxxx on this list to find your bizarre
travelogue both distasteful and misplaced. I'm not entirely sure what
you mean by this document being "published on PEN-L and not on
Marxmail," since I, and I assume many others, received its two parts in
the Marxmail digest.

To tell you the truth, I found the Moroccan vacation piece humorous,
albeit in a rather sad and pathetic way, but I don't at all see the
relevance of sending this to the thousands of Marxmail subscribers
around the world. Aside from the minor musings on value theory in
between handjobs, there was nothing that would be of widespread
political interest to be seen. Unless of course the goal is simply in
keeping with your weird sense of self-importance and presumes from the
outset that the rest of us actually care about the details of your

I, like many I'm sure, enjoy reading many of your mailings to the list,
but I must say that I'm constantly bewildered by the absurd and
self-aggrandizing anecdotal posts that intersperse the serious and
well-considered political posts. This isn't haughtiness or snobbery -
it's a call on your exhibitionist bluff to improve the signal to noise

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