Camejo's last words in last night's debate, or US and THEM

Lueko Willms Lueko.Willms at
Thu Sep 25 22:40:50 MDT 2003

  In my previous post -- please accept my apologies for forgetting to
put the subject line -- I wondered about Peter Camejo speaking about
a "WE" who is occupying Iraq. 

   Thanks to Louis Proyect, I had the chance to look thru the
transscript of the whole TV debate, and I found more such strange

   "WE have a budget crisis" in California, "WE have a fiscal
crisis", and as a consequence "WE" have to get "OUR budget" balanced.
"WE have to empower the municipalities". This "WE" is seen as
Camejo's starting point for his tax scheme. 

   I find it also strange the way he is on first-name terms with the
political representatives of big business as if they were his best
buddies, with whom he is a WE who has "our budget" in crisis. But,
OK, that may be that US-american habit of calling everybody by first
name right away, which I don't like. 

   I don't think that the average worker in California thinks of the
California state budget as "OUR budget", and he or she shouldn't. 

   Bringing the divide between working people and the propertied
classes and their state into the open, which manifests itself at
least on a very low level when working people exchange their
grievances with "the boss" or some government office with other
working people, breaking with the false "WE" which lumps together the
exploited classes with the ruling vultures, this should be the first
visible step of a real break-away from the Republicrat one-party
system, or any other form of bourgeois "national unity" under the
flag of imperialist competition. 

   It is US and THEM. Two opposing classes with irreconcilable

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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