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Fri Sep 26 00:21:15 MDT 2003

I have had three request in the last 3 hours for advance copies of the
presentaion being written for the 40th Anniversary of Malcolm X personation of
Message to the Grass Roots in Detroit's King Solomon Church. What I have is a rough
draft that will be sent to anyone on request.

When I send this material out it is for the individual - not questions asked,
and not sent as a bundle. This means it is sent to the individual period.

I am also working on something called the "State of Black America" which I do
not like because it sounds to bourgeois - like something George Bush or the
lap dogs of imperialism - the Urban League, would say.

The tentative title I am working from is "WE IN TROUBLE."

The immediate front of struggle where are you are locted is honorable. The
urgent task is to break the wall of silence.

I need some slogan about "The Wall of Silence" that will run along the
hsitorical ideology of the "Iron Curtain." I used the concept "Cotton Curtain" to
explain historical perspective.  Something about the wall of silence being a
heavy curtain of something. Here is what will win broad section of the Anglo
American people proper, who happen to the totally proletariat in the origins and

The Quiet Curtain . . . .nope . . .the Curtain of Silence? . . .too corny....
It usaully take six freaking months to figure out a small detail like this if
I am lucky . . . something two years.

A Curtain of Silence?  . . . Aye . . . it lacks the sting of the sharp sound

Your request as individuals are always honored unconditionally and no
questions asked - period.

Melvin P.

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