Death of Al-Hashmi

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Sep 26 00:33:31 MDT 2003

I have no intention whatsoever of welcoming the death of Aqila al-Hasmi.
Indeed I was saddened by it.  But two comments about it struck me as
particularly inept.  First we had Paul the Third describe her assassination
as 'senseless and cowardly'.  I am wiling to concede that since he began
his short sojourn in Iraq, Bremer has amply demonstrated that he is an
expert on the senseless and the cowardly.  But senseless al-Hashmi's
killing was not.  It was clearly a continuation of the Resistance's
targeting of the UN connection. It was also designed to encourage the
others on the American appointed governing Council. As such it puts
enormous pressure on the Bush Administration.

The second comment which I have cut and pasted from the Guardian obituary
is especially ironic in that it is self-cancelling. Hamid Ali Alkifaey  writes

"Moreover, for an Iraqi she [al-Hashmi] was unusual in several respects: a
pragmatist who was able to switch sides at the right moment"

Quite clearly al-Hashmi chose the wrong moment to identify with the
Americans and the British conquerors.



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