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>And that is supposed to be a clarification?  A matter of historical
>Indeed, comrade Nestor has blamed the left in general, the left in the US
>and the advanced countries in particular so many times for so many things
>that I tend to read both left and working class everytime he blames either.

Blame whichever you want: THere are imperialist consciousnesses in the 
whole of the reactionary working classes here. It is doing us no good, and 
Nestor is (may I assume to speak for him on the matter) simply tured of 
listening to people apologise, explain away, mis-direct blame, etc et al 
for what we *here* have failed to do, slay the beast.

Now, I'm absolutely certain there is noone here who is uselessly tailending 
the trade union movement, allowing them to get away with racist murderous 
platforms on the simple basis that they are "the workers", no one here 
dares to speak of trying to posit a positive place for Canadian or American 
nationalism, countries born of genocide and continuing on global plunder.

No one would dare here, in this advanced state, allow those who do the 
fighting for a better world in the colonies do so without support in deed 
and instead write a brilliant denunciation of how this or that program was 
incorrectly applied.

No, there is no one in the entire working class who is willing to die to 
protect their "right" to continue to mass exploit, dehumanize and denigrate 
all humanity.

Face it, comrade: Our working classes are not inherently correct. They do 
not, in Ché's words, tremble at every injustice. Speaking of how workers 
need to revolt is one thing, being arrogant from the very bottom of the sea 
floor of all soap boxes, well the time is now to say: Ya Basta to that.

For a revolutionary movement of all North America.

Macdonald Stainsby.
In the contradiction lies the hope. -Brecht.

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