Chronicle online poll of 7,300: Camejo won the debate

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at
Fri Sep 26 05:48:36 MDT 2003

Armand Diego wrote:

>Who did best in the governor's debate?
>Bustamante 9%
>Camejo 32%
>Huffington 8%
>McClintock 15%
>Arnold 24%
>Davis (even if he was absent) 6%
>Didn't see any of it  4%
>Votes cast: 7,387
I watched most of the debate. Well, most of it. And I came away with the
distinct impression that Schwarzenegger simply appeared uncharismatic
(or, more accurately, like a bad, scripted actor) who had absolutely
zero to say. I mean, I know alot of people don't pay any attention to
platform or anything, but I remember saying to myself a few times in my
head "sheesh, this guy's poll numbers are going to f---ing _plummet_."
Then, five minutes after the debate was over, everyone was saying that
the one who came out looking best was Arnold. I sincerely wish to
understand what I missed. Even I don't hold illusions that I'm _that_
much smarter than everybody. ;) It's also worth noting that these same
news stations never mentioned Camejo, except one comment that his and
Huffington's poll numbers didn't warrant them being allowed in the
debate, and they only talked about Huffington to put her down for
yelling at Arnold so much.

-Jeffrey Piercy

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