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Green Camejo Makes Most of Calif. Recall

Associated Press Writer

September 25, 2003, 5:17 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- Peter Miguel Camejo doesn't stand a chance of becoming
California's next governor. Not that he particularly cares.

As Wednesday night's nationally televised debate showed, the Green Party
candidate in the turbulent recall race already has gotten extraordinary
exposure for his ideas -- like taxing the rich more heavily, providing
universal health care and preserving civil liberties.

"This election is the worst election we've ever had and best election
we've ever had. Why the best? Because the public has really gotten a
chance to see more than two points of view," he told an audience of

A committed leftist who once ran for president as a socialist and whose
Vietnam War-era speeches have been published as a 40-page book called
"How to Make a Revolution," Camejo, 63, readily admits he is too far
outside the mainstream to get elected.

"We don't have the social forces to win yet," conceded Camejo, who
likens himself to a watermelon: "Green on the outside, red on the inside."



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