NYT covers Bush's ass

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Fri Sep 26 09:19:32 MDT 2003

The majority of alleged WMDs were known to be unusable even if they had
happened to exist. Not thus known by me, but by science. Except for Sarin
and mustard gas, WMDs of the type alleged to be in existence before 3/18/03
in Iraq shared one serious problem: shelf life. They required constant
(approx. every two years) replenishment and/or replacement. Since the
EVIDENCE cited in the Blair/Bush/Powell dossiers consisted of imputation of
continued existence of stocks created before the 1990-1991 GW I (based on
extrapolations of production from known facilities at 24/7/365 to arrive at
the quantities cited) it follows that the WMDs could not have existed in any
usable form. All the facilities where these WMDs had been produced prior to
the GW I, and in which the replenishing substances might have been supposed
to be created, were destroyed by inspectors and/or bombing.

As I have repeatedly cited on this list, the above information was uncovered
by Glen Rangwala well before the war, published widely on the net, and
hand-delivered with stunning documentation to over 100 members of Congress.

"Now it appears that premise was wrong" is a total lie. It has ALWAYS been
OBVIOUS to anyone who did the slightest research that the premise was wrong.

"We cannot in hindsight blame the administration for its original
conclusions. They were based on the best intelligence available, which had
led the Clinton administration before it and the governments of allied
nations to reach the same conclusion." contains several lies run together.
First, no hindsight is required; merely reading would have done the job.
Second, the sentences blur what happened after Iraq's WMDs were uncovered by
inspectors after GWI: they were destroyed, so what Clinton (now suddenly
believable to the NYTimes) might have believed is irrelevant, ditto allied

Also important to remember is that General Kemal defected long before GW II
to spill the beans about the Iraqi military's decision to give up on and
eradicate WMDs and WMD programs (because of their uobvious dangerousness to
the continued existence of Iraq's military and their uselessness in
preserving same) and then went back to Iraq to tell Saddam what he'd done,
and that this information was known at the highest levels of US and UK
governments, and was leaked to the world BEFORE GW II.

Lou Paulsen's case is weakened because he has not assimilated these facts.

David McDonald

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