NYT covers Bush's ass

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Fri Sep 26 09:27:51 MDT 2003

David McDonald wrote:
> The majority of alleged WMDs were known to be unusable even if they had
> happened to exist. Not thus known by me, but by science.

This item just showed up on the Progressive Sociologists List:

Press Remarks with Foreign Minister of Egypt Amre Moussa

Secretary Colin L. Powell
Cairo, Egypt (Ittihadiya Palace)
February 24, 2001

"We will always try to consult with our friends in the region so that
they are not surprised and do everything we can to explain the purpose
of our responses. We had a good discussion, the Foreign Minister and I
and the President and I, had a good discussion about the nature of the
sanctions -- the fact that the sanctions exist -- not for the purpose of
hurting the Iraqi people, but for the purpose of keeping in check Saddam
Hussein's ambitions toward developing weapons of mass destruction. We
should constantly be reviewing our policies, constantly be looking at
those sanctions to make sure that they are directed toward that purpose.
That purpose is every bit as important now as it was ten years ago when
we began it. And frankly they have worked. HE HAS NOT DEVELOPED ANY

full: http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2001/933.htm


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