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Fri Sep 26 10:10:19 MDT 2003

This editorial, appearing in today's San Jose Mercury News, appears in a
paper which was openly hostile to Ralph Nader's campaign, and did it's best
to ignore Camejo's campaign for Governor less than a year ago. A positive
outcome of the recall!

Incidentally, for Jose, a short note elsewhere in the paper says the CNN/LA
Times debate he mentioned has now been cancelled.

    Mercury News Editorial

Peter Camejo isn't going to be governor of California anytime soon. But in
this mosh pit of a campaign to replace Gray Davis, the Green Party candidate
is refreshingly thoughtful and specific about how he'd solve the state's

So naturally, he's about to be bounced from the debates. It's that kind of

Debate sponsors use poll standings to decide who's in and out, and different
sponsors play the numbers different ways. In one case, Arianna Huffington
would make the cut while Camejo -- who got 400,000 votes in last year's
gubernatorial race -- would not. Now there's a service to voters.

If the recall succeeds, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Cruz Bustamante will become
governor. But Schwarzenegger won't debate any more, so top-two standoffs
aren't an option. In debates so far, it's been Camejo and Tom McClintock,
his political opposite, who've been the most focused. Camejo should stay in
the mix.

Followup: Contact the League of Women Voters, co-sponsor of several debates,
at 916-442-7215 or e-mail lwvc at

Also appearing on the same editorial page, this:

Tax the rich, end the deficit

Green Party candidate Peter Camejo, running to replace Gray Davis, met
Thursday with the editorial board of the Mercury News. Here are excerpts
from the conversation.

This rather long piece I won't reproduce here; here's the URL:

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