Immigrant Freedom Riders held, released by US border cops in Texas

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Fri Sep 26 20:43:43 MDT 2003

UPDATE! Freedom Ride Buses RELEASED! Date:    9/26/2003 10:09:35 AM
Pacific Daylight Time From:    ben at


I just got word that your calls made an immediate difference in Texas:
the buses were just released!

By the end of little more than an hour, your calls had made the Border
Patrol *extremely* nervous, to the point that Patrol was telling
callers that they were having an impact; we showed how quickly we can
respond when people's rights are threatened!

So, good work, but let's stay on our toes. We can be sure that this
won't be the only time the Freedom Ridera are threatened and

thanks, ben

**Earlier today (Friday, Sepetmber 26) Two buses from the Immigrant
Workers Freedom Ride have been detained by the Border Patrol in Marfa,
Texas. These buses originated in Los Angeles, and have nearly one
hundred immigrant workers and allies on board. Being detained by the
Border Patrol is clearly meant to scare immirgants all over the
country, in an attempt to show that not even the brave and
high-profile Freedom Riders are safe here.

Some labor activists immediately appeal to everyone for emergency
phone call protests to the Texas Border Partrol, and it works! the
buses were released shortly after.

Although it's no longer necessary to call anymore, teh contact info
for the THE TEXAS BORDER PATROL: 915-729-5200 and ask for Isabel or

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