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>  There is a difference between a socialist (or pro-
> socialist, or pre-socialist, or para-socialist, or transitional, 
> whatever) regime such as existed up to the late 80s (I am not against 
> consideriing that it existed up to the botched perestroika --but 
> could perestroika have not been botched, that is an open question), 
> and the pro-capitalist or capitalist regime installed afterwards. And 
> the difference shines as a bright summer Sun precisely on these 
> issues. 

   The same old pre-perestroyka regimes still are existent in most of
the central Asian republics, especially Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan,
and to some extent also Kazakhstan. 

   No break at all in the leading personel, hardly in the way of
ruling the society. 

   No need to grieve over the loss of the old die-hard stalinists.
They still rule in Tashkent and Ashkhabad. They are today the best
allies of US imperialism. 

   Is that what you are looking for? 

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