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> An accumulation of many radical messages and positions isn't 
> going to get a greater understanding, but less. 

 I agree with José Perez that it is not necessary to employ words
like "socialism", "communism", "capitalism", "imperialism", "class
struggle" and the like all the time; it might be possible to do
completely without them in a socialist election campaign. 

  But ... 

> He's decided to focus on the tax
> and budget issues and on those sharply counterpose a working class
> perspective --tax the rich more, tax the working people less-- and use
> it as an illustration of how rich people control the government, 
> and the two party system, and that's why regular people need their 
> own party.

   If that were true, I would expect that candidate to start his
2-minute summary of a TV debate with a bunch of political
representatives of big business not with the sentence "WE have a
fiscal crisis in California", but rather something to the effect of 

  "WE, the working people of California, the USA and the world as a
whole have a social crisis, a crisis of our living conditions, and
this crisis is getting worse by the way that THEY try to solve THEIR
fiscal crisis on our backs". 

  I'm sure that Peter Camejo, who is a much more gifted and trained
public speaker than I am (I happened to wittness this by  listening
to him live in the summer of 1975 when he was the SWP's candidate for
US-president), would find much better formulations than I have
written down here. 

  Sure, I'm very much for a real progressive income tax, and maybe as
the only tax being levied (this even more as the current German
federal government is moving in the opposite direction), but not as a
means to solve "OUR budget crisis", but as a means of protecting US,
the working people, from the effects of the capitalist rapacity. 

  Breaking with the twin party system is mainly breaking with the
false "WE" that is imposed by bourgeois rule and enforced by all the
bourgeois media on us working people. 

  As long as Peter Camejo is using this false WE of this "WE one
nation" he is, in my humble view, not following the lessons put down
in that famous manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1847 and co-signed
by one Frederick Engels as the manifesto for the little communist
workers sect they were about to join. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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