Mother of all questions...

dmschanoes dmschanoes at
Sat Sep 27 14:50:22 MDT 2003

Where I come from, mother is only half a word, and this question "why didn't
they, the workers rise," belongs more to the field of dreams  (if you build
a party, they will come) than the field of Marxist analysis because,

well first because they did rise.. in the UK, in France, in Germany, in
Spain, in the USA. etc.  So in the interests of historical accuracy we might
at least ask "why didn't they succeed?"

But if we are going to charge the failure to the workers as workers in
Europe, regardless of the impact of various parties, states, etc. then why
not blame the overthrow of Allende on the Chilean workers.  Surely the
Chilean workers faced no more repressive apparatus than the Spanish workers
did in confronting the counterrevolution.  Surely the US support to the
counterrevolution was not qualitatively greater than the Nazi support to the
Spanish counterrevolution.

The analysis of the triumph and defeat of revolution cannot ignore the
changes in the orientation of the Soviet state.


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