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> > then why
> > not blame the overthrow of Allende on the Chilean workers.  Surely the
> > Chilean workers faced no more repressive apparatus than the Spanish
> > workers did in confronting the counterrevolution.
> Isn't it all too obvious that behind the forces of counter-revolution 
> in Chile (and in Argentina, that is something I can talk a lot about) 
> there lay the overwhelming power of imperialist American 
> intervention, 

   ... saying that you say that the Chilean workers did not have the
slightest chance to win, since they had an all too powerful enemy. 

   So why could the Cuban workers win? The Chinese, the Vietnamese?
Did US-Imperialism change so much? Did it suddenly win forces to
throw down the Chilean revolution in September 1973, to lose those
forces just the next day again to lose the war against the Vietnamese

   No, Nestor amigo, there is also the question of leadership of the
Chilean workers, the Vietnamese people and so on. 

   There is no automatism that a colonial people or any group of
oppressed MUST lose just because US imperialism is against them.
Besides the Russian revolution in 1917, all socialist revolutions
after that have occurred in colonial countries, besides the very
deformed revolutions in Central and East Europe in the late 1940ies,
where the national bourgeoisie had already been destroyed by the Nazi
occupation, and where the political power already was in the hands of
the Soviet army. Well, with the exception of Yugoslavia. 

> and that not a single American worker did demonstrate 
> against the American intervention in the Southern Cone?

  I guess many American workers all over the continent from Alaska to
Tierra del Fuego did demonstrate against the US intervention in South
America, including in the United States. 
  There was a lot of solidarity work with Chile, all over the world,
before and after the terrible coup, but this could not make up the
forthcomings of the Chilean leadership. 

   One thing is sure, though, that the socialist revolution in the
USA is and will be the most important one of all countries, since the
revolution there would open the door to liberation of all of humanity
without any further spilling of blood. 

   It is also not true that no French worker at all demonstrated
against the French colonial wars in Africa; it is just that the
leaderships of the main workers parties, including the Communist one
did not do too much... 

Lüko Willms 

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