Draper on organising for socialism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 27 20:59:53 MDT 2003

Alan Bradley:
>His broader analysis of "Zinovievism" isn't much broader. It actually seems
>to be based almost entirely upon the experience of the CPUSA.

For newcomers to Marxmail, I recommend a look at things I've written at
"Organizational Problems of the Revolutionary Party" at:


I would also recommend Max Elbaum's website: http://revolutionintheair.com/
which is based on his "Revolution in the Air" book from Verso that deals
with the implosion of the Maoist movement (he calls it the New Communist
Movement). It includes my review of his book and other interesting commentary.

Alan uses the word "sectarian" to describe my critique of the DSP. Since I
speak only for myself, I would only say that this is a novel understanding
of the word sect. Well, at least he does not accuse me of trying to start a
cult around myself like the typical Trotskyist leader. Of course, with my
cantankerous personality that seems like a project that would be dead on

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